Today is tomorrow’s history…

     My research into my family’s genealogy is being partially written as blogs.  In addition to these stories, there are numerous notes attached to the main database, (menu on bottom “Johnson Family Genealogy”.  Rather by blog or note, this information and research exist to preserve, to provide a chronological record, and to provide a guidance for future generations.  With this format, I have developed a direction and the encouragement to share some of “our” history.

These blogs are an attempt for me to tell some of my family’s stories — out loud!

     By writing out what I have been told or have discovered in my research, I will discover gaps, errors, and bad assumptions — this can be a good thing!  It will help me identify future and further research that needs to be done, missing pieces, and assumption that might need to be revisited, or even sometimes rethought.

     While working on my genealogy I have heard, from relatives (most of who have past on now), stories and tales from the past, about members of the family.  In addition to these stories, my research has identified other events and incidents that have occurred in my relatives’ past.  From wherever these stories came — passed on by a relative, or arbitrary found in my research — they all tell the story of my family and “our” history.

     I think an important point to remember when writing family stories is, no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell.  I hope a some future relative takes up where I have left off and continues “our” story. 



The best loved stories are not from books or films

but those from our own families.       

“Jayne McGarvey Genealogy”



The Circle of Life