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The Start of my Blogging

A few years ago I started to blog, at first they were just one liners, and informative more than anything. I began on Google’s Blogger, but later moved to blogging software on my own server, feeling a bit more secure and private. I Started in 2016, and here are some of those images and notes I published.

3/2/2016: I currently have 1,000 names left on Family Search to go through and I will be completed on our Family Tree.

My website will be updated as I update the family tree.

3/5/2016: I just published a more detailed and interactive website for the family tree.

6/20/2016: I just added this blog page for any questions or comments.

7/18/2016: I sent Libby an invite to the family tree, no response from her. She has the info to get to the family tree via the website.

8/13/2016: This perfectly defines our family and what paths we chose.

10/20/2016: Added count your genealogy number, to show each generation and the amount of people that might exist in that generation, if anyone wonders whey the family tree is so big.

Went off of Google’s Blogger and went to MWeb Software.

1/1/2017: I completed the new website and published it tonight.I need any errors to be identified and emailed to me.

1/10/2017: I switch over from all my Genealogy software, to The Next Generation (TNG) Site, this site runs on my apache server under php scripting language that is suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. This new site creates a dynamic web page content on the contents of our family genealogy database. It provides instant access to reports and shows immediate results on our genealogy. Our genealogy database was imported into mySQL relational database management system that I currently maintain on my macOS Server. My macOS Server host all my web pages.

Our family websites are:

Introduction to our family:

Our Family Tree:

Our Genealogy Database:

and my personal web pages:

1/316/2017: I recently updated my website to include rewriting the introduction on the first page. To all my immedite family your log-in is your entire name for example for me: Bradley J. Johnson your password will be your first name (nick name if you have one) the @ then your day and month of your birth. Makes sure you use 2 numbers for example Feb would be 02. I have a lot of email address’ on most of my family, if I don’t have yours please send it to me, so you can reset your password if need be.


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