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Natalie Grace McLaughlin (10 Nov 2009 – 14 Jan 2018)

Natalie Grace McLaughlin (10 Nov 2009 – 14 Jan 2018) was born on 10 November 2009 in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana. She was our first cousin, twice removed. Her mother, DeAnna Christine Wheeldon (13 July 1989) is our first cousin, once removed, and her mother — Natalie’s grandmother, is Elizabeth May Tharp (Farrington)(15 March 1969) who is our first cousin on the Farrington side. She is the daughter of mom’s brother Uncle Bobby (Robert Eugene Farrington 29 July 1934 – 22 May 2012).

Natalie loved all animals; there is a story were she took all the books out of her book bag, just so she could put kittens in it. She did this so she could sneak them into her class at Anderson Elementary School. Natalie loved to doodle, write notes, and make lists. Her favorite color was purple, her favorite song was, “God is a Girl” Artist:Groove Coverage, the Album: “Covergirl,” it was released in 2002 and is considered under the genre of Pop.


On Sunday, 14 January 2018, my cousin, Liz (Elizabeth) notified me that her Granddaughter Natalie had passed away in her sleep. Natalie Grace McLaughlin, was 8 years old at the time of her death. Natalie is survived by her mother, DeAnna (Wheeldon) McLaughlin; father, Cody McLaughlin; sisters, Savannah McLaughlin & Jazmine Wheeldon; grandparents, Jack & Maggie Wheeldon, Grandparents Liz Tharp (Farrington)and John Richardson, Grandparents Bill & Jan McLaughlin. She was preceded in death by her cousins, Amiyah Morrow & Jaden Neill; grandmother, Michelle Richardson; and uncle, Jake McCord.

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