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Archie Lee Hogue

Archie Lee Hogue (Farrington) (May 1963 – July 1983) was adopted out when he was a baby, his Aunt raised and adopted him, his last name was changed to Hogue from Farrington. He was the son of (Uncle Bobby) Robert E. Farrington and Jane Berniece Langley. He was our first cousin on Mom’s side of the family. When he was a teenager he had gotten into trouble and was sentenced to a Juvenile Center in Anderson Indiana. While serving his sentence, he meet his real brother, Harold L. Farrington (Jun 1964 – July 2016), who at that time was also serving time in the facility, it was from this encounter he found out who is father was (Uncle Bobby), and had the chance to meet him.

Archie was married to Melinda Jo Chandler and had one daughter, Amanda Jo Hogue. In July of 1983 he was working construction jobs at different places around Indiana. On July 1st of this year, he had completed a job in Fort Wayne. That evening while returning from Fort Wayne, he was riding in a back of a pick-up truck back to his home in Anderson. It was storming, it was pouring rain and it was a very windy that evening, he had wrapped himself in a large plastic bag to protect himself from the rain and wind. There was a sudden gust of wind that hit him in the rear of the truck. The plastic bag he was wrapped in hoisted him up into the air where he landed in the street on his head. He was taken to the hospital in Anderson, but passed away due to his head injuries. Archie is buried at Maplewood Cemetery in Anderson, Indiana.

Amanda Jo Hogue (Daughter)

On 25 February 2012, Archie’s daughter, Amanda Jo Hogue, was murdered by a boyfriend she had at the time. Six months later while under investigation for the murder, the boyfriend committed suicide. Amanda has one daughter, Mandy Jo Hendrickson. Amanda was cremated and her sister has her ashes. Amanda is our first cousin, once removed, her daughter, (Mandy Jo Hendrickson) is our first cousin, twice removed.


She was born in Anderson on Dec. 26, 1982. She is the daughter of Melinda Jo Chandler Rhoda and and step father Paul E. Rhoda. Amanda attended Anderson High School. She was a fun loving person who loved dearly her daughter, Mindy Jo Hendrickson, family, and friends. In addition to spending time with family and friends, Amanda enjoyed listening to music as well as watching he favorite movies. She also liked fashion. Amanda had a compassionate heart and loved to help others, especially children and the elderly. As well as being survived by her mother and daughter, Amanda is survived by her sister, Betty Lynn (Aaron) Cook of Anderson; brother, Andrew (Shannon) “Drew” Coppess of Anderson; uncles, Michael (Setsuko) Chandler of Chesterfield and Mark (Joann) Chandler of Anderson, and several others; aunts, Mickey (Bobby) Tinch, of Chesterfield and Elizabeth Tharp of Anderson, and several others; nephews, Malachi Coppess, Andrew Coppess, and Hayden Cook, and a fourth expected on July 30, 2012; niece, Hannah “Banana” Cook; special friend, Ricky Hendrickson; as well as several cousins.

Amanda was preceded in death by her father, Archie Lee Hogue; great-grandmother Cleo (Steins) Carr; grandparents, Wiley Jo and Betty Pearl (Parrish) Chandler and Victor Wayne and Pauline E. (Simmons) Rhoda; special aunt, Kim Frazier; cousin, Julie Ann Kennett; and brother-in-law, Bryce Cook.

Amanda Hogue’s daughter, Mandy Jo Hendrickson

Melinda Jo Chandler (Wife)

Melinda “Mindy” Jo (Chandler) Rhoda, 49, of Anderson, passed away Wednesday, August 27, 2014 from a heart attack at St. Vincent Regional Hospital of Anderson.


Mindy was born September 5, 1964 in Anderson, Indiana to the late Wiley Jo and Betty Pearl Chandler. She enjoyed collecting nick nacks, playing bingo, traveling, and attending rummage sales. She also enjoyed books and diet Coke. She loved her family and cherished the time spent with them.

Mindy is survived by her loving husband Paul Rhoda; two children, Betty Lynn Cook (husband Aaron) of Anderson and Andrew Coppess of Pendleton; two brothers, Mike Chandler (wife Setsuko) of Chesterfield and Mark Chandler of Anderson; a sister, Mickey (Chandler) Tinch (husband Bobby) of Chesterfield; seven grandchildren, Mandy Hendrickson, Malachi Coppess, Andrew Coppess Jr., Hayden “Mr. Personality” Cook, Trenton “Little Eugene) Cook and Lendziee Cook; special friends, Dee Kinnard, Amy Girt, Melanie Whicker, Debra Bowen; and several nieces and nephews.

Mindy was preceded in death by her first husband, Archie Hogue; daughter, Amanda Hogue; son-in-law, Bryce Cook; a niece, Julie Chandler; and a special friend, Kim Chandler.

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Natalie Grace McLaughlin (10 Nov 2009 – 14 Jan 2018)

Natalie Grace McLaughlin (10 Nov 2009 – 14 Jan 2018) was born on 10 November 2009 in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana. She was our first cousin, twice removed. Her mother, DeAnna Christine Wheeldon (13 July 1989) is our first cousin, once removed, and her mother — Natalie’s grandmother, is Elizabeth May Tharp (Farrington)(15 March 1969) who is our first cousin on the Farrington side. She is the daughter of mom’s brother Uncle Bobby (Robert Eugene Farrington 29 July 1934 – 22 May 2012).

Natalie loved all animals; there is a story were she took all the books out of her book bag, just so she could put kittens in it. She did this so she could sneak them into her class at Anderson Elementary School. Natalie loved to doodle, write notes, and make lists. Her favorite color was purple, her favorite song was, “God is a Girl” Artist:Groove Coverage, the Album: “Covergirl,” it was released in 2002 and is considered under the genre of Pop.


On Sunday, 14 January 2018, my cousin, Liz (Elizabeth) notified me that her Granddaughter Natalie had passed away in her sleep. Natalie Grace McLaughlin, was 8 years old at the time of her death. Natalie is survived by her mother, DeAnna (Wheeldon) McLaughlin; father, Cody McLaughlin; sisters, Savannah McLaughlin & Jazmine Wheeldon; grandparents, Jack & Maggie Wheeldon, Grandparents Liz Tharp (Farrington)and John Richardson, Grandparents Bill & Jan McLaughlin. She was preceded in death by her cousins, Amiyah Morrow & Jaden Neill; grandmother, Michelle Richardson; and uncle, Jake McCord.

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Update on Natalie McLaughlin

Services were held on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 11:00, at Brown-ButzÂ-Diedring Funeral Service & Crematory. The officiating Pastor was Carl Lamb. Burial was at the East Maplewood Cemetery.

An update on Natalie Grace McLaughlin (10 Nov 2009 – 14 Jan 2018). Her gravestone has been put up at Maplewood Cemetery, Anderson,Indiana. She was buried next to her cousin Amiyah R. Morrow.




Her school, Anderson Elementary dedicated a school bench to her in October when school started back up.


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